Workshops, Classes and the Joy of a Cheese Straw.

ince opening the shop at 74 Penny Street, I had wondered about classes. I really wanted to find a way to make space in the shop to hold workshops for people (including myself) to learn to new skills and enhance old ones.

As anyone who has been to visit the shop would know – we are small but perfectly formed. We pack a lot in and make the most of the space we have – but we don’t exactly have much room for social gatherings. It bothered me as I was frequently asked about classes, I wanted to get to know local knitters and crocheters and they wanted to be learning in the shop!

So after Christmas I had a think, and after a few conversations with Jess and my friend Katherine, (who is a very competent knitter and has teaching experience)  we decided, in the only style I know, to just go for it and work out the finer details out as we went along!


After hours we moved things around in the shop and managed to fit in my trusty market table and bring in some extra chairs, a tablecloth, et voila! The perfect classroom! We decided to start with a Sock Knitting for Beginners class and almost as soon as we advertised – we filled the class! So we put another day up – and filled that one too! But that was the easy part. We had actual people that had book and paid good money for a course and we wanted it to be the best we could, could we deliver?? Yes – yes we could!


We couldn’t have asked for nicer groups of people for our classes. The two hour classes flew by and the shop was filled with learning, laughter and cheese straws! (Which accidentally have become the class mascot, since Katherine came through the door before the first class armed with no less than four boxes full of them – ooh but they are good!) Katherine made sure everyone had the right amount of help and with her excellent sock skills made sure that by the end of the week everyone had at least one sock finished and some had completed a pair!



Oh the cheese straws!

So we have followed the first class up with a Toe Up, Two at a Time Socks class – which sold out and we’re half way through. We have a beginners crochet class coming up and we will be booking in more sock classes later in the year. Look out for an exciting set of classes coming up for autumn and one off sessions that will cover things like fixing mistakes, cabling, seaming, etc.  I'm so glad  we jumped in a gave it a go - to see people book on to the class saying they couldn't knit socks to leaving with a pair just does something good for the soul. 

Thank you to those who have expressed interest for future sock classes - we will be releasing some dates soon for the next ones!

 Kate. xxx

Here are some lovely reviews for you to peruse!

" Attended the sock knitting workshop today. Had a lovely time learning new skills. So if you ever wanted to learn how to knit socks I can highly recommend this workshop. Thank you Kate and Katherine " Karen 

"Fantastic shop and they run a great sock knitting course that has really boosted my confidence." Mairwen