For The Love of Wool

And by that I mean the community of knitting, crochet and any woolly craft you may partake in. Let’s call it the Wool Lovin’ Community? No? Maybe just for this blog then.

I will tell you about something that happened on my stall a few weeks ago. An act of kindness that completely made my day. Recently I made a bit o’ bunting for my gazebo with left over yarn from the Chevron Blanket I made. (Using Lancashire produced Three Bears Yarn.) A lady came by and admired them and said she also crocheted bunting and we chatted for a while about the joy of it! (as you do) Then the following market day, the same lady turned up with a gorgeous gift box and the most beautiful crocheted bunting inside, and wouldn’t take any money for it. It kicks my efforts to the gutter annoyingly, ha ha, but I was really touched. Have a look.....don’t draw any comparisons they’re both beautiful in their own right! I used a free pattern (link below) you can get three triangles or ‘bunts’ from a 50g ball.

***’bunts’ is not the official singular word for a triangle of bunting, I may have just made it up*****