I am Catelyn Stark!

That’s right. I should be starting this blog post with news about my wool but I have to tell you about this! A few weeks ago some of my (much younger) customers decided I looked like ‘Jon Snow’s mum’. (Game of Thrones – of which I am a huge fan, despite having to hide behind my knitting whenever things get a bit too much; I finished so many WIPS when Joffrey and Ramsey were around!) It took me a minute to picture Catelyn, and initially I was a bit miffed as she’s about 13 years older than me (well exactly 13 years actually as I googled it!) but then she’s beautiful and strong so I’ve been wafting around my stall like Catelyn – the Queen of the North ever since, ha ha!! The bad news is that I googled ‘who is Jon Snow’s mum’. Now if you haven’t read the books and you don’t want to ruin the whole of the next series DON’T GOOGLE THAT QUESTION. Of course Catlin was never Jon Snow’s mum, I knew that, but in my vain rush to see who they were talking about, I momentarily forgot and now I can’t unsee what I saw! Not only did I watch the whole of the series 4 knowing what was going to happen at the end (thanks to a friend’s husband who didn’t check I was up to speed before blurting out how surprised he was that ***** was dead!) But now I’ve ruined the next and final series, well actually my customers did. But I forgive them. I am a queen after all.

Learning to skein

That’s right – I realise I have gone on about my Northern Yarn quite a lot recently (sorry/not sorry) but I have more things to share and after this I promise to tone it down. BUT I NOW HAVE MY WOOL!! IT’S ALL HERE AND AMAZING AND I LOVE IT! My launch at Kendal Wool Gathering was fantastic, after six months of planning, worrying and researching, having my wool on the table and people looking at it and buying it was really special. Northern Yarn has been shipped all over the world this week and I’m very proud. My husband even noted that I was pulling my ‘proud face’ as I sold some at my stall on Saturday. Well I am, and I love the fact Lyn will be able to wear something made from her own sheep’s wool, sheep she has looked after all year, it’s a huge part of the project for me. As well as it being a complete education on all things sheepy! I’m still no expert but I could write a short book with everything I’ve learned this last year!

One thing I have realised is that I need to practise skeining; making lovely tidy hanks. I’ve been practising on the stall and at home, it’s not as easy as friends make it look! They will get better friends.

A real life Northern Yarn

I was contacted on Facebook by a lady who lives in Australia and had ancestors dating back to the late 1600’s who lived in Quernmore. She couldn’t wait to buy some wool as there was such a direct link! I asked about names and she sent me a story about her great, great, great, great (and probably a few more greats) grandmother, way back in the 17th century, who travelled to London on horseback to fetch her grandchildren when their parents had sadly passed away. Now I knew this story! When we bought our log burner last year from a farmer in Quernmore, he told the exact story – and you would know it wouldn’t you, to be a direct descendant of such a strong, brave woman!

Then when I spoke to Lyn about it, turns out Michael is also related! I loved this! I love my wool having a story and others having their own stories and reasons for buying it!

 And finally, I'll leave you with a bit of autumn cuteness.

Here's a nice, comforting thought for your cold, dark hearts. Joking! Cold dark nights. Lyn caught up with me after the school run and said she had been sorting through some of the remaining fleeces and as she unrolled one, she found a little hedgehog hibernating in there! Awwwww, I bet it was well pleased finding that little bed! Southdown too, one of the best wools for bedding!! Well Mrs Tiddlywink, I’m sure you’ll agree that you just can’t beat Lancastrian wool!