Spring has (almost) sprung.

It always makes me stop for a minute; seeing snowdrops, the first skinny daffodils (I’m sure there is an actual name for these!) and lighter evenings. Another year coming around, bringing warmer, longer days. The lambs that provided me with my lovely wool are now lambing themselves and around we go.

And then I’m reminded we’re not quite there yet with flood like down pours and 45mph winds! Reality check! I learned the hard way the first week back after Christmas. I heard the wind whipping up a storm outside and thought ‘it’ll be fine, it’s just first day back nerves, always sounds worse than it is, etc.’ And as I held on to my gazebo for dear life, no other market traders in sight, I thought ‘start listening to your instincts Kate. If it sounds like it’s going to take the roof off your house, it will most likely snap your gazebo legs as if they were matchmakers then pick up what’s left and spin you around Lancaster a few times with you clinging on by a thread of hand dyed 4 ply!’

I digress and perhaps exaggerate slightly! But I have started checking the wind speeds and if like Saturday there are high winds, I will not be on the market. I’ll always post on Facebook and Instagram if I’m not going to be there.

Exciting News Section!

As you may know, last year, I was approached by designer and tutor Alitzah Grant (Of Blithe Spirit and also one half of The Classics Society collaboration with Countess Ablaze. A yarn club that meets the Ancient World – what is not to like about that!!) I wanted a design for my Northern Yarn Poll Dorset/BFL DK and Alitzah, I knew, was the woman for the job. With incredible knowledge of yarn, knitting and design and sharing my love for British, local wool with a story, Alitzah and I knew that this was going to be good. We talked at length and kept coming back to our love of wool in its purest form; natural, honest and ethical.

Alizah has designed the most beautiful wrap with reversible cables (I know - the whole thing is completely reversible!) and I’m so in love with it! Above is a sneak peak. It reminds me of my Grandma with its Celtic twists and shouts of the sea and fishermen.  I will formally introduce you all soon and you will be able to pre-order a kit to make yourself and your shoulders the warmest, most Lancashire of wraps.

 Kate xxx