The Launch Party

When I started Northern Yarn, in April this year, I decided that I'd like to have a launch. Because if I'm honest, I like a good party! I enjoyed the idea of bringing all the woolly folk of Lancaster and it's environs together in one place, I wanted to let people know what my aims were, why I had set up Northern Yarn and showcase the amazing locally sourced yarns and wool I had found so far. Feedback was important because this is such an adventure for me. I'm not an advanced knitter, I have much to learn about natural fibres and rare breeds, I have very little business acumen (starting to wonder whether this is a good thing to be admitting, but I am always very honest for better or for worse) and am just learning day by day, how to run a small business.
After plastering my poster everywhere I could possibly think of, it dawned on me that people might actually come along to the Northern Yarn Party. And they did! They really did! The Gregson Centre was buzzing with activity, my friend Pam Southernwood from Purl (knitting group) brought her wheel along and demonstrated her excellent spinning skills while another friend Marion Cowan demonstrated wet felting.
I was able to talk to most party goers and as the bubbly flowed, so did the wool! The yarns I left out for 'tasting' were knitted, crocheted, balled and enjoyed.
I really had a great night so if you came along - thank you so much! If you couldn't make it, watch this space, I think I might have to have a Christmas party too!